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    How to create a custom Bobblehead

Bringing your custom bobblehead to life is easy
At the customer is in full control from beginning to end. From supplying our skilled artists the information needed to sculpt and hand-paint the bobblehead, to making revisions on the fly and giving the final sign-off on the product before it ships. Building a fully custom or standard-body customizable bobble couldn't be easier or more interactive! How sweet is that?

You can make your bobble look like anyone
If you're looking for something really memorable then go the fully custom route. No detail is too small when building a fully customizable bobble. We allow for you to be as creative as possible when it comes to bringing the custom doll to life. We've literally thought of it all from head to toe. A signature hat? No problem. Do they have identifiable glasses? We can do that. Perhaps you want a company logo on their shirt like a badge of honor, we have you covered.

Create a custom bobblehead of yourself or your friends
Standard-body bobbles
allows you to choose from a huge selection of standard body types and custom design the head to your liking. It's super easy, fun to do and with our great artists and staff there's always a helping hand nearby.

Made to order, hand sculpted and you approve every step of the process
Great selection, an eye for detail and satisfied customers time and time again...what more could you want? Shop and see for yourself what sets us apart. But don't take our word for it...check out some of our handy work and feedback from our customers for yourself on our testimonials page.

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