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Groom Carries Bride At Church Bobblehead
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Groom Carries Bride At Church Bobblehead


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Product Description

This particular bobblehead featuring a happy, newlywed couple will make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift for your spouse or favorite couple! The groom is carrying his blushing bride with both arms as she smiles while wrapping her arm around his neck in front of a church after their ceremony. The groom is dressed in traditional wedding attire in a black tuxedo, white dress shirt, and skinny black tie with shiny black dress shoes to match. His new wife is wearing a very simple gown. It is long, strapless, and a baby pink color paired with her classy high heels to match. In her free hand she is clutching on to a beautiful bouquet of red roses. The couple is standing at the bottom of a long flight of stairs leading to a small church in the distance. The stairway is covered by a long, bright red carpet and lined at the edges with beautiful shrubbery and pink flowers.

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