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Man In Bumper Car Bobblehead
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Man In Bumper Car Bobblehead


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Product Description

He's coming fast! For the fun loving man in your life, we have created this charming bobblehead featuring a man in a bumper car at the fair or carnival. Featured here is a man in a fun pose, steering the bumper cart with one hand and making a peace sign with the other. Whether displayed in the office or at home, this bobblehead will make a fun statement that shows off your recipient's adventurous side! As a work icebreaker it will begin new and exciting conversations with friends and clients. As with any other bobblehead, never forget how big of a difference personalization can make! It's our favorite part of the process, and you will soon see why! With a reference photo or two, our talented team will create a custom head, color scheme, and bumper car design that will make your recipient doing a double take. For an even more fun set, be sure to pair this bobblehead with our female counterpart.

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